What our Residents have to say

I was born in Cape Town. Around the age of 5, I went to Eastern Cape to my Grandpa and Grandma. I had to stay with them as my mother was working in Cape Town. When I was 15 years old, my cousin took me to Bloemfontein. I was then introduced to a man who took me on the streets and there was a lady there, who was going to show me how to make money (prostitution). That guy used to bring men to come and sleep with me. He gave me food once a day and even when I was sick I was forced to make more money for him. If I were ever to speak to anyone about what they were doing to me they were going to kill me. So one day this Guy came and took me out from all the bad things they were doing. They then brought me to Hope Again Recovery Centre. They are helping me to love myself and to know God. I am now FREE!


“I was in a very bad space when I came to Hope Again Recovery Centre. For the first week I was basically a walking zombie. This program gives you a lot of time to really start living in relationship with Heavenly Father and to get to know Him. And that is what has absolutely changed everything within me – my mind, my heart, everything within me is new – the old has gone. So it has been an amazing experience. It hasn’t even been that long but the journey from where I was to where I am now is indescribable”



“I was in addiction for around four years. My drug of choice was Crystal Meth. Before I came to the center I was raped by one of my best friends. On the 13th of January 2019 I asked God if he doesn’t want me, will he rescue me from this deep, dark, muddy hole that I am in. That morning on the way to Hope Again Recovery Centre, God said to me, “Maritza, my child, I have already taken your hand. Father God had already changed my life in the blink of an eye. So much so that after 7 months I no longer recognize myself. All Honor and Praise goes to God alone!

Maritza Schultz

Hey my name is Donovan Dunn and I am 32 years of age I was born in Johannesburg and was brought up in a good healthy home I was a church going person at a young age always attended going to youth groups and functions and so fourth. At the age of 14 years old I started drinking and started mixing with the wrong friends and people . At the age of 16 years I was already smoking Zol and thought well I need to take something stronger and feel better . I then started taking Kat and Crystal and enjoy the feeling . And as time went I have lost myself and started doing things I regret and for the people I worked for . Drugs and alcohol really messed up my life I have been locked up a few times for things I have done and the people I have hurt. It has destroyed my life and my relationship and almost also lost my beautiful daughter. I have been an addict for the last 16 years and lost everything I had and have broken a lot of family and people a lot and also lost the faith in myself . And lost track of Jesus . I have been in Rehab 4 times and that has never helped me and always loose faith in myself. And I can’t blame anyone but myself . Its a choice I have made and the road I wanted to walk in. I than came to Hope Again Recovery centre where in the beginning I was so negative over myself and felt hopeless . I thought I would never get thru this and don’t have another recovery in me and I was so negative . I then started humbling myself and started leaving all my problems and everything in Gods hand . And realized tht you need to put God first than yourself before anyone else Hope recovery centre really and truelly helped me and I put God first in my recovery and let him show me the path. Because with God in me and light shining in my life no darkness can enter thru me . Just also want to thank Frikkie Hefer and his team and everyone thanks for helping me thru this. And making me the person I am today. And there is Hope. God is good.Amen.

Donovan Dunn

Before I came to Hope Again Recovery Centre, my life had reached a point where I had only despair to wake up to each morning. While I had achieved some measure of ‘success’ in the eyes of others, it meant little or nothing to me. I was, in all honesty, circling the drain. I spoke about this with some of my nearest family members, and someone found the HARC website. When I went on the website, the first thing I saw was Mr. Frikkie Hefer’s face looking back at me. Having by then been through many different sites, something about Frikkie’s image on the screen told me: This is the place. I don’t know why, but that is how I decided to book into Hope Again. The following week, I jumped on a bus in Pietermaritzburg, and was picked up here in Potchefstroom. I have not looked back for a minute. My grateful thanks go to Pastor Hannes and family, to Aunty Debbie, Danie and family, and all the staff at HARC. They go to great lengths for all the residents, and they truly care for everyone, despite having difficult jobs to do. My utmost admiration goes to Frikkie and his family. They have achieved something quite remarkable in establishing HARC, and continue to put a huge amount of their lives into this project…with genuine success. May they move from victory to victory, bringing hope once again into the lives of the hopeless.


I was born and raised in Potchefstroom in a very good home, there was no reason for me to have evermade the choice to use drugs. My insecurities were always the problem in my life. I had to prove that I am worth something and through my actions I made the dumbest mistakes. It all started with friends and I had to prove that I am a man by getting into the worst trouble ever, nothing really ever satisfied this hole I had inside of me. I was dead inside and it never mattered what I did, I just didn’t care about anything anymore. I just wanted to feel alive. It all started with smoking and drinking at a very young age and it all progressed into much worse kind of substances. Dagga was my first drug and then all the rest followed. I made the choice to use heroin for the firsttime. It was from the very beginning of using it that I was addicted to it.I have lost so many things and people in my life due to my addictive behaviour. Relationships were broken and some still are, I have lied so much and stolen and sold everything I have ever owned.But as I am writing this I am so overwhelmed by grace and love.Jesus saved me out of this darkness and he has placed me in His light. I am 3 years clean, going onto 4. My journey here at Hope Again has showed and taught me so much, it is such an honour to be part of something bigger than myself.

Danie van Zyl


My name is Kamogelo Mphatsoe, and I am 27 years old. I am a recovery drug, alcohol and sex addict. I was raised in a dysfunctional family of drugs, human trafficking and crime (from my father’s side). For my first 8years, this had been my life before my mother took me to live with her. I was then introduced to a well averaged, stable family house hold. As time went I became rebellious and dysfunctional. In primary school I experimented a lot (in the dysfunctional ways I was brought up). When I reached high school, I entered with defects. Anger, forgiveness, resentment and rejection. These became platforms for me to be able to shift the blame for my behavior, and a brutal experience of being molested by one of my father’s “drug mules”. I started with smoking cigarettes and weed at the age of thirteen and along with it came more anger, hate and rejection. I felt alone in this cold world and was left to fight for survival because they were never a part of my life. The only thing I knew was drugs and survival through crime. My using became worse and took a toll on me when I got mixed up with the wrong people who were dealing with a life I was familiar with. I ended up believing that that is where I belong. In my sub-conscious, I knew that I wanted to live a better life and to leave that life behind me. Then I began doing piece jobs as an exit plan, until God blessed me with a job at the department of agriculture. I still used during that time and it progressed every day until I lost my Job, my family and almost my life. I was left more broken and shattered. I kept getting worse and went to rehab after rehab and kept relapsing because I never included God in my life. I ended up in the streets for four years but I know God was always with me as he never allowed me to lose my life. He had a bigger plan for my life. One night I overdosed on drugs and woke up in hospital (which until today, I still do not know how that happened). That morning when I woke up, withdrawing, hungry, broken and dirty… I made a me and God that I will give him one last chance, but first I have to go back to my previous rehab which was over 300km away from my city… By God’s grace I walked almost 200km by foot, with nothing but my energy from eating dust and from rubbish bin. I got a lift from a farmer who took me to my counselor’s house – Ralph, with hope to sponsor my program. He fought for me to get on the program because as a recovering addict, a father, a pastor and a best friend, he saw potential and believed that everything had a purpose. He believed that God wants to do something with my life, something that I could not see myself. It hen restarted my journey, BUT… this time I was not alone! I was with God! His mercy and grace was new to me so every day I took it and ran with it. I am honored to call myself a Born Again Hardcore Christian because I have found my identity in Him. I received love from Him that I never received from my parents. In everything that I am today, I am serving him at Hope Again Recovery Centre Above everything else He was preparing me for something that was bigger than myself. Using my past as a place of reference not residence! Thank You Lord Jesus, God Bless

Kamogelo Mphatsoe

“I was on my death bed when I came to Hope Again. Confused, Lost and Empty. But then, a softening happened to my heart of stone. I gave God complete control over my life and I believe I have been set free! ” I am at peace and I am happy.


Because of my experiences I once thought that there were no good people on earth, but the people at Hope Again Recovery Centre showed me that you do get good people who are committed to God and who live out their callings to help others in need. At Hope Again Recovery Centre I am learning to deal with my issues and find peace in my situation.



Thank God that there are places like this, wow where the Spirit of God moves and stays. I never had hope or purpose, freedom before I came in, but thanks to the God of restoration everything just fell into place. God has always been seeking after us but because of our sins we hide ourselves from His Presence. I learnt that He wants me as I am, and that is when I started to look for Him in each and everything I do, see and touch – Hope Again Recovery Centre made that easy for someone who was an addict. The Centre gave me hope again in my life. Our vision at Hope Again Recovery Centre is to see people like me and all to be set free and free indeed beyond addiction, alcoholism or any addiction in Christ Jesus our saviour.


Nobody dreams of becoming an addict, but 22 years ago I fell into that trap. After numerous failed attempts and hours of counseling, I gave up. The world labeled me and I believed that I would be struggling with a chronic diseases for the rest of my life.  That’s where I was wrong. You see, at Hope I wasn’t just given a chance to recover, I was given the TRUTH..IF THE SON SETS YOU FREE, YOU WILL BE FREE INDEED. John 8:36 I wanted that promise!! I wanted to be free for the rest of my life!!! I believe that God had an appointment with me!! I believe that if it wasn’t for the amazing family at Hope, who listened to the Lord and faithfully stayed true to His word, I probably would have died.  I have no words to describe my gratitude. I only have a second chance at life and with this life I plan to serve the Lord for the rest of my days.


My name is Lesley. I was raised in a good Christian home, and had a secure upbringing. When I was 14 I met a man who I ended up marrying and bore 2 beautiful children with him. In the 25 years we were together, our relationship was abusive and toxic, and I lost my identity and self-worth along the way. Eventually I became a binge drinker. In 2003 we immigrated to America with promises of a good and secure future for our kids. The dream was short-lived and by 2005 my husband and I were separated, eventually divorcing. My drinking spiraled out of control and I was constantly in trouble with the law. In 2010 I re-married, entering another toxic and abusive relationship. We divorced in 2015 and I came back to SA in 2017. After spending 21 months in Immigration custody, I felt hopeless, with no will to live, grieving for my children and grandchildren. God saved me on 25 February 2019 by bringing me to Hope Again Recovery Centre, where I still reside 7 months later. I’ve finally found my identity in God and feel inspired and hopeful for my future!