Hope Again Recovery Centre is a long term substance abuse recovery centre. 

We believe that God is the only one that can set a person free from the prison of addiction and our whole program is structured in such a way to allow for this. 


The minimum length of our program is six months, during which clients live full time at our centre. 

Thereafter we have an additional three months long reintegration program where we continue the journey with clients in readjusting to life in freedom.


We have seen how God can set a person free in a moment, but whether it is instant or gradual, for the best results, you still need to allow some time where people can learn effective and godly principles to ensure that they stay free from addiction. 


Hope Again Recovery Centre is an independent organisation that partners with various like minded individuals and organisations to bring freedom and hope to people trapped in substance abuse. We recognise that God wants many different people to be part of the solution and only when we work together will we truly be able to turn the tide against substance abuse.


We have so many stories of how people were impacted and transformed at Hope Again Recovery Centre, but currently we are far from functioning at full capacity. While we have no shortage of people who wants to be treated at the Centre, but the high costs involved with providing proper care means that many people have to be turned away.


But by becoming a partner of Hope Again Recovery Centre you can make a tangible impact in society.


Lifeline is our partnership program through which you can join us in turning the tide against substance abuse. You can join Lifeline by either partnering financially or by donating products and services towards the needs of the centre. Every Rand, and every expense saved enables us to bring one more person closer to freedom and hope.





Managing Director



General Manager

Vice Chairman 


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Financial Director


Men’s Ward Manager











Hannes is an ex-drug addict and cage fighter whom Jesus set free in 2012.

He is passionate about Jesus and ministering the Gospel. 

Together with his wife Elzabe, Hannes runs his own business and the Spirit Word Ministries Xgen Bible and media College, where they train up young people to have a godly foundation for life. 

The couple has two daughters.


Frikkie is a successful businessman living in Potchefstroom. 

He has a powerful story of how drug addiction impacted his life and how he was able to overcome it. 

Frikkie is passionate about helping others break free from the hold of substance abuse. 

He travels regularly sharing his testimony and ministering to those who are affected by addiction. 

He is married to Benita and they have two beautiful daughters. 


Roy was a business man with a family and his own house before addiction left him on the streets with nothing but the clothes on his body. 

After 8 years of Meth, Liquid G, and Cocaine addiction Roy turned to God, Who supernaturally healed and set him free. 

Since then Roy became passionate about getting addicts off of the streets and is involved with Dead Man Walking Ministries, who distributes 2000 meals a month to people on the streets. 

He now serves as the Men’s Division Manager at Hope Again Recovery and has a son and a daughter.


Four years ago God delivered Sandy from a decade of cocaine and crystal meth addiction.  She is passionate about helping others find the same freedom that she did.  God restored her family when there was no hope for restoration and is the proud mom of a teenage daughter.  


She is married to Gerald and have ministered along with him for most of her life. Along with administration, Susan takes charge of the Celebrate Recovery groups, the backbone of our treatment program. She works to see woman devastated by substance abuse restored to the role and dignity God has intended for them. 


Gerald, better known as “Pastor G” has been in ministry for 25 years during which he pastored and planted several churches and starteda Christian school. He has always had a heart for those struggling with substance abuse and have previously managed one of South Africa’s largest rehabilitation centres. Gerald’s passion has made him leave his successful business in order to join Hope Again Recovery Centre as the Centre’s Operational Manager. 


Barend is passionate about people of all ages and his greatest aim is to bring hope to a broken world. 

He is actively involved in the Hope Again Foundation, Mother’s Nest (a safe house for abused children) and Potchefstroom Youth Network.   


Jurgens comes from a Financial Management background, but left this career to focus on his passion of helping people discover all God has for them. 

He believes he is called to minister healing to people and to help them discover the unique purpose and gifts God has meant for them. 

He devotes most of his time being directly involved with the Recovery Centre serving as Executive Manager. 

He also serves as Community Development and Missions Pastor at Every Nation Faith City.  


Emile became involved with drugs during high school, but God set him free from a life of addiction and dealing.

He was the first person to successfully complete Hope Again Recovery Centre’s program and eventually joined the full time team.

He found peace and joy in God and now actively helps other men to experience the same.

Petrus van Rensburg

Grew up under the ministry of Prophet Kobus van Rensburg.

Studied visual communication at the Open Window School of Visual Arts.

Went on to start a business, currently owns 4 businesses and is the senior Pastor at Spirit Word Ministries.

Motivated in helping others to succeed.


Vicky is a qualified Occupational Therapist, registered at the HPCSA.

She is also a Pastoral Counselor and Aromatherapist.

Vicky has a passion to see broken hearts healed and to be part of the process of establishing truth in individuals to set them free from bondage and from living in the shadows of shame and darkness.

She has years of experience in small group therapy as well as individual therapy and counselling.

She is involved at Hope Again and also runs her own private practice involving individual and group therapy 


Jannie is part of ‘Manne van die Woord’ in South Africa and has been a Coordinator and Facilitator of Family Foundations International with his wife Vicky since 2004.

He has a heart for broken families and is passionate about restoring the fathers back into their Godly place in their homes and society.

He is a marketing consultant for various companies and also a motivational speaker.

He is well known for his sporting achievements having represented South Africa at the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

He believes that Hope Again can make a huge difference in today’s foundational problems in society and is proud to represent this Rehab Centre as the brand Ambassador.